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Yes. Use the contact form to request your replacement copy.

The bento lunchbox is great for heating your pre cooked food. Make sure that the inner lid is secure upon the food container, then remove the sealing plug so steam can escape. With a maximum power setting of 500W,  try heating for 1-2 minutes and then check if the food is hot enough for you. Give the food a stir if needed. (Please make sure that all the food is heated as microwave heating can concentrate only in small areas of the food). If desired, you can heat further as long as the total microwave time is less than 3 minutes. Please check before you consume. Caution this food may be hot!

Maximum 500W, up to but less than 3 minutes. Please check food before consumption.

Yes, but it is not our preferred cleaning solution. Because the cleaning materials in a dishwasher can be harsh and over time will degrade your seals. We recommend hand washing to prolong the life of the bento lunchbox. If dishwasher is desired, then use on a lower temperature wash so the materials will not be damaged.

The hermetic seal made between the lid and container form a pressure seal. To help to open and close, first open the sealing plug, then open or close the lid, replacing the sealing plug before transportation. Always check this seal before use.

Yes. When you try to put the lid on the food container, you can feel the pressure resistance which indicates a good seal!

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