August 21, 2019

Fresh Garden Produce: Chicken, with Courgette & Peaches


From garden to plate...

This is such a simple dish to make. For a light lunch, or evening meal, it has a great balance with the added sweetness from the peach. We were inspired to do this recipe, with all the great fruits and vegetables that are ripening at the moment. We are currently harvesting from our garden, peaches and courgettes -so this is truly from garden to plate...

Its also really great as a snack for work. Using one of our bentos can be so helpful when you want to have a warm lunch rather than a cold salad. This dish therefore is brilliant as it takes so little time to prepare, and works well when warmed in the bento box with the microwave at work. Just remember not to overheat it, and to remove the silicone seal plug -to vent the steam.

Harvesting Courgettes & Peaches

For those observant of you who see only one courgette in our photos -this is because we tend to leave the courgette a little too long before harvesting. It ends up rather larger than we intended! I know some courgettes can be a little bitter at this stage, but we have never had this. Always a delicate taste with a good firm texture they seem to keep on coming for quite a few months. Just don’t forget to water them if you have an extended dry spell. A firm twist at the stalk to release it, will save you searching for your garden knife when harvest time comes.

The peaches are just ripening perfectly too. Its always a little tricky to know when to pick these gorgeous tasting fruits, but we tend to leave them on a little bit longer. So many factors -sunlight, shade, cultivar, type, that we tend to look individually rather than taking an overall view. We wait until just past the green stage, that they come off in the hand with a firm tug. Peaches will ripen further if needed when off the tree, but they can be a little lacking in taste if picked too early. We try to get as much sweetness into them as possible, by leaving them a little longer.

Chicken, Courgette & Peaches… A great mix of flavours and textures. It’s brilliant for snacks, light lunches at work or at home. Enjoy this growing season….



Chicken, with Courgette & Peaches

  • 400g Chicken breast
  • 2 medium Courgettes sliced
  • 4 ripe Peaches
  • 2 medium Onions
  • Thyme
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt & Pepper to taste


    Total Time

    Prep: 10 min. + Cooking 20 min. 

    Makes 4-6 Portions


    1. Weigh out all the ingredients before you begin.

    2. Chop the onion finely, set aside.

    3. Remove the peach stone, and slice the two halves approx 1cm thick

    4. Dice the chicken.

    5. Slice the courgettes.


    Fresh Garden Produce: Chicken, with Courgette & Peaches Ingredients
    Fresh Garden Produce: Chicken, with Courgette & Peaches
    Fresh Garden Produce: Chicken, with Courgette & Peaches

    6. Add the olive oil and chopped onions to a frying pan. Sweat the onions down, without browning.

    7. Add the diced chicken, and fry until browned.

    8. Add the courgette slices and the thyme. Part steam/fry (with lid on) until courgettes are tender.

    9. Add the peach slices, and warm through.

    10. Salt & Pepper to taste.


    Our 2 Tier Bento Collection


    You're Finished! 

    Serve with rice onto individual serving plates adding a little extra fresh peach as you desire.



    Fresh Garden Produce: Chicken, with Courgette & Peaches -You're Finished!

    Try taking this in one of our Bentos.

    The great thing with the bento is that you can serve into it, and be sure that its leakproof seals will make sure the filling stays where it's supposed to.

    Take it to work or school, or just out for a picnic. This great recipe will taste amazing wherever you go. 

    ..... our bentos are so versatile.  

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